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Dot Net Developer-Technovert

Hyderabad, Telangana   |   Full time

Do you want to build super-scale cloud applications using Azure, NoSQL, Redis, MVC, AngularJS and such bleeding edge technologies? If you feel outdated working on same old technologies and deserve to work with smarter colleagues, join us. We are looking for developers with strong .NET fundamentals. The candidate should be extremely curious, highly analytical with undying thirst for acquiring knowledge.

Strong HTTP / .NET Fundamentals

  • The candidate must understand very well the HTTP protocol and web app nuances.
  • Well versed with internal workings of MVC engine Routing, Action Filters, HTTP Helpers etc.
  • Solid C# coding skills and understanding of .NET framework Linq, Lambda, Generics, Async etc.
  • Should have strong SQL Design and development skills.
  • Advanced Programming Principles Dependency Injection, Unit Test are plus
  • Experience in developing and deploying onto Azure Environment is great plus!

Web UI Master

  • UI Development skills in HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript with an eye for Design
  • Knows JavaScript is much beyond jQuery and tiny script hacks.
  • Must have worked on some MV* frameworks (such as Knockout, Angular etc.) and must have explored others
  • Bonus Can design a Single page Architecture with rich functionality

This job may not fit you:

If you relate yourself with any of the below.

  • Cannot code 20 lines without googling nor understand the copied code.
  • Needs a formal training program to learn anything new or beyond your assigned project
  • Fancies a job title and wants to be X Lead or Y Manager in Z years. (instead of acquiring knowledge)
  • Believes CMM Level X has something to do with quality of work or a measure of genius.

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